FM-DAB+ binnen-/buiten antenne

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DAB+FM SLIM Indoor and Outdoor Radio Antenna

 designed to receive ground radio signal (FM) and ground digital radio signal (DAB+)
– flat antenna (signal reception with vertical or horizontal polarization)
– LED power indicator
– it is possible to attach the antenna to a window pane (outside or inside) or to other smooth surfaces within a radius of three metres from the receiver
– elimination of noise
– 75 Ohm antenna cable with a 9.5 mm coaxial connector, and a USB power connector
– excellent as an indoor antenna
– perfect for holiday homes, camping trailers, and trucks
– the antenna is additionally equipped with two types of transitions between the antenna socket on the receiver and the antenna connector
– amplification: 20 – 33 dB
– frequency range: 88-108 MHz, 174-230 MHz
– supply: 5V from the USB port located in the TV set or the decoder or other USB ports, eg. phone chargerSample text wordt gebruikt zodat je kunt zien hoe je nieuwe blocks eruit zien. Om de tekst te vervangen klik je erop en daarna druk je tegelijkertijd op CTRL en A op je toetsenbord om de tekst te selecteren. Daarna kun je een eigen tekst…